Digging up your Scottish Ancestors

“Who Do You Think You Are” and “Long Lost Family” have sent people round the world on the path of researching their Ancestors.¬† At Scottish Ancestor, we can help teach clients how to research their own Scottish Ancestry. We offer residential and day courses genealogy courses. We can create “Family Trees” and attempt to break down your “brick wall”! Modern BMD records are only indexed on Scotland’s People website but we can transcribe them for you by visiting Scotlands People Centre in Edinburgh..

Cille Choirill  Church near Roy Bridge, nr Fort William, Inverness.

Inside Cille Choirill Church

Scotland has a rich heritage and it is made up of the of those that toiled on farms, worked in factories, dug the coal, and braved the seas as fisherman. As times became hard many Scots emigrated to places like America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand but their roots are still in Scotland just waiting to be unearthed, so come and dig up yours!

If you are coming to Scotland and are conducting your own research our Professional Genealogist can accompany you to the National Archives of Scotland and Scotlands People Centre in Edinburgh (pictures below),  and help take you through the records.