Digging up your Scottish Ancestors

Kingdom of Fife our Speciality!

“Who Do You Think You Are” and “Long Lost Family” have sent people round the world on the path of researching their Ancestors.  At Scottish Ancestor, we can help Clients find out more about the day to day living of their Scottish Ancestors. Our Professional researcher will provide you with details by searching through records at Scotland’s People Centre and the Scottish National Archives in Edinburgh. Basic reports provide birth, marriage and death dates, Census information and Occupations. More detailed reports can look into the Kirk Session Records, Lair Records for burials, Sasines, Vaulation Rolls, Newspapers and Maps.

Cille Choirill  Church near Roy Bridge, nr Fort William, Inverness.

Inside Cille Choirill Church


Most of our Clients have researched their Scottish Ancestors before they come to Scotland.  They know where they want to visit but there is often a gap in their research, and this is where we can help. We can do some “digging” before clients arrive. Scotland has a rich heritage and it is made up of the of those that toiled on farms, worked in factories, dug the coal, and braved the seas as fisherman.

As times became hard many Scots emigrated to places like America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand but their roots are still in Scotland just waiting to be unearthed, so come and dig up yours!

If you are coming to Scotland and wish to conduct your own research but not sure how, our Professional Genealogist can accompany you to the National Archives of Scotland and Scotlands People Centre in Edinburgh (pictures below),  and help take you through the records.